Mysterious objects and Cornish phrases!

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Thank you to everyone who came to the Storytelling event at Gunwen Chapel this week. Another thank you to those who brought along such interesting objects to share, Sheila for reading out some of her poems and Margaret for her Cornish phrases. One more thank you to local chef Sanjay for bringing in some delicious scotch eggs made with pilchards.

One by one the objects came out for us to use as starting points for storytelling. Here are a couple of objects that were (to most) a bit of a mystery!

A couple of objects brought along to our storytelling workshop

A couple of objects brought along to our storytelling workshop

The first… perfectly round, looks like a small cannon ball but very light, dark brown in colour. One by one we felt it, smelt it and squeezed it. Mac insists that farmers should know what it is yet none of those present had a clue! Eventually Mac share his story- the object we had so keenly been investigating turned out to be a very old fur ball from a cows stomach… ar lovely!

The second, a metal tool… looks like it clamps to a table with a handle for turning… a clue, “it’s used in the kitchen…” Turns out to be a tool for slicing beans!

As well as objects we had poems and stories with wonderful Cornish phrases. Margaret Dunkley had written a brilliant story about her last journey to the Chapel for our previous workshop in Gunwen. This uses a number of local Cornish phrases and words. Here it is…


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