Water colours in ‘Flat field’

Posted on: 27th November 2012 No Comments

Here’s another post and beautiful water colour by artist Louise McClary…

Catching the last of the sun last week I decided to visit Halonoweth farm to my favorite field that overlooks the creek. We have ( that’s me and the farmers) always named it  “Flat Field ” now with the tythe map we now know its called “broad close “

It’s easy to see why it had the name of flat field it literally sits flat above the creek… also in front of you there is Merthen wood which is an ancient oak woodland which stretches for miles, completely untouched. I have never been inside it but apparently the oaks are only about 15ft high and the undercover is all heather and bilberry… It has an extraordinary atmosphere and sits like a big cloud above the creek. It is also Oliver Rackhams (author of “history of the countryside “) favorite wood.


The morning I went down, there were curlews making their song down below me, all the oaks were reflected in the incoming tide, silent and magical… I only managed one little water colour that morning as I managed to get myself completely stuck in the mud… with one sock left I got rather cold!

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