When the ivy takes over- down on Polgrean Farm

Posted on: 24th November 2012 6 Comments

The last couple of months have been busy collecting images, film and old photographs from Cornish farmers to make a series of ‘digital stories’ for the project. On my last trip to Polgrean farm at Gunwalloe John Hocking and myself explored an old cottage hidden in the valley at the bottom of Johns farm.

This was a photographers dream- I will be returning with a tripod at the next given chance! The ivy has slowly begun to take over the cottage, clambering up the mud walls and in through every crack and crevice. The light coming through the roof highlighted the bright green ivy leaves and a range of exciting looking implements and discarded objects still lay across the floors. It’s hard to believe a family lived here- they would have had no electricity, perhaps a well nearby and everyone would have lived in this small space.

Here is John talking about the cottage with a few snaps, as well as an older photograph showing the building then complete with chimney-

Chypie Cottage

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  1. studio870 says:

    That’s wonderful ..The little video left me wanting more though ..so enchanting !

  2. Henry Taylor says:

    In the 1940s, the structure was sound with the only door left open to provide shelter for cattle.

  3. Henry Taylor says:

    In the 1940s, this very basic, two up and two down cottage was in sound condition with the only door left open to provide access for cattle.

  4. Elsa Morgan says:

    A Caddy relative of mine was born here. Grace Caddy. I would love to see photographs of this farm

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