Documenting Cornish Farms over 2010

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During ‘Family, Farming & Tradition’ Sarah was lucky enough to spend the year photographing the farming year. For this we chose a range of farms across Cornwall including dairy, arable, livestock and flower farming. We also aimed to get a range of both large and small-scale farming.

The idea was to photograph as much activity as possible so that this can be archived for future generations, creating a snapshot of Cornish farming of 2010. Whilst there may be plenty of photographs taken of lambing or livestock, farmers were less likely to photograph planting cabbage seeds for example!

Whether I was hanging of the back of a tractor photographing potato picking, perched on the top of a cattle trailer, or stood in a field learning about cauliflower (or should I say broccoli!) it was a great year and I learnt a lot. Thank you again to all the farmers who looked after me so well!

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The slideshow above shows photographs of Trewey Farm in Zennor- watching a calf being born and standing for the first time in a field on the edge of the sea was definitely one of the highlights of the year.

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