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Welcome to Storylines

Storylines is a Community Interest Company, which runs creative projects and workshops that use the common language of story to bring people together to share, celebrate, learn and connect. Our projects help foster new relationships between people of all ages, building stronger, more resilient communities. We are particularly interested in the benefits of intergenerational exchanges.

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Our Latest Project


‘Tattoo Tales’ will record and share the stories behind peoples tattoos through digital storytelling and photography.

Run in partnership with the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, the project is working with a wide range of groups to document their tattoo stories, some of which will feed into a major exhibition on tattoos at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in 2017.

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Latest News

Photographing tattoos

Every tattoo has a story

Recording tattoo stories Tattoos are markers in our lives and each one has it’s own story. You choose the design, the placement on your body, when and where you have it done, who does it and who you then share it with. By conducting a series of audio r …


Wadebridge screening

A Celebration of Memories in Wadebridge

What better way to draw to a close our highly successful ‘Landmark Travels’ Project than with a heart-warming gathering to showcase the personal memories of people from Wadebridge and surrounding area. <>Wadebridge screening The room was full at …