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Welcome to Storylines

Storylines is a Community Interest Company, which runs creative projects and workshops that use the common language of story to bring people together to share, celebrate, learn and connect. Our projects help foster new relationships between people of all ages, building stronger, more resilient communities. We are particularly interested in the benefits of intergenerational exchanges.

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Our Latest Project


‘Tattoo Tales’ will record and share the stories behind peoples tattoos through digital storytelling and photography.

Run in partnership with the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, the project is working with a wide range of groups to document their tattoo stories, some of which will feed into a major exhibition on tattoos at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in 2017.

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Latest News


Devoran School get to know Rhoda Mary

Last Friday saw the turn of the younger members of the Devoran community to hear all about the iconic vessel, the Rhoda Mary, which was built close to their village. Our Memory Day in the autumn in Devoran Village Hall had provided us with rich picking …



‘Revealing City Hall: One Building, 1265 Voices’

As we have learned through our recent project ‘Landmark Travels- Our Past in a Suitcase,’ buildings are often steeped in stories. Historic buildings are at the heart of many Cornish towns and villages, providing a backdrop to 21st Century life. For som …